Oh, the fun you can have with banner ads

9 06 2011

Banner ads can do that? That was my initial thought when some of my much younger classmates schooled me on the level of creativity that comes with some banner ads. (Here’s my shout out to Joyce and Dustin.)

But first, a little background: I’m old. Well, not old, but I’m old enough to remember a fledgling Internet (actually I can remember looooong before the Internet) where banner ads covered the entire width of a web page and were ugly as sin on a stick. Did anyone ever pay attention to those?

So, when the topic of banner ads came up recently, I was still thinking about those awful ads. But oh, how things have changed. Banner ads are now creative, interesting, fun and, most important, interactive.

According to Ashley Ringrose, the curator for Bannerblog, interactivity increases brand recall by 63 percent more than those boring static banner ads I remember. Also, and you don’t need to be a genius to know this, if we get a potential customer involved, he or she will understand more than if we  merely tell them or show them something.

Here are some banner ads to check out. Play with them then tell me what you think.

Lipton Tea:








Coke Zero:

Pringles potato chips:

 Blogger Chris Rawlinson says this ad is possibly the best banner ad in the world. But, I don’t want to sway your opinion. 










Volkswagen GTI and the VW truck race

OK, now that you’ve had your fun, which one did you like best? Which one did you spend the most time with? With one will you remember?  



7 responses

9 06 2011

I rarely click on an ad on a website, so I probably would have missed what these can do if I had seen them elsewhere. That said, the Lipton one was cute and I did play through several letters trying to guess what would be triggered by each one. The VW truck race proved once again that I can’t do racing games, and the only thing about the GTI that impressed me was the way the smoke drifted from the car picture up to the top banner. But . . . the Pringles one? I laughed out loud. And kept laughing. And kept clicking. Because it did become a battle of wills! Thank for sharing these. I really needed that laugh today!

9 06 2011

That would be thanks. Please pardon my typo!

9 06 2011

I’m with you. One of the great things about this master’s program — there are many things really — is all that I’m learning. I never would have known that banner ads were so creative and fun had it not been for two fellow students who pointed them out to me.

I guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

9 06 2011

Thanks for the shout out, Pat! I just love that Pringles ad. Like Kara, it made me laugh, and so I clicked all the way through to the end, marveling the whole time that it was keeping me entertained. Great post!

9 06 2011

Thanks. I never would have known about that ad had it not been for you.
I’m so glad you pointed it out to me. I had quite a bit of fun with it as well.

11 06 2011
Amanda Hurley

The Pringles Advertisement is my favorite! I saw it once before and clicked on it continuously then sent it around to my friends. Talk about a job well done.

12 06 2011

I really wished I had thought of this ad. Not only is it really clever, but it’s worthy of sending it to others, and you did, thus also helping to build word of mouth for the brand.

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