Brother (Sister), can you spare a dime?

14 06 2011

I now know what I need to do to successfully market our university. I need to hire a hot actor or actress and a great director and make a short film. Of course, I’ll also need a boatload of cash.

BMW did it 2001 and 2002 when it created “The Hire,” a series of eight short films starring Clive Owens (the aforementioned hot actor) and featuring the directorial talents of Ang Lee, Ridley and Tony Scott, and Guy Ritchie, who directed his then-wife Madonna in one episode.

Each film features Clive as the “driver” of a particular BMW model, whose style and performance are clearly demonstrated. But, it’s the compelling story (and Clive) that keeps you watching.  If you haven’t seen any of them, watch one.

“Ambush” was the first in the series.

Are you hooked? If so, you can watch all eight.

The series was widely popular, garnering more than 100 million views. BMW even created DVDs of the series and gave them away to customers at certain BMW dealerships. Genius.

 Sarah Chong says she’s never seen such captivating and thrilling ads. The series, she says, helped BMW gain a 12 percent increase in sales.

The series was also lauded by the press, including The New York Times and Time magazine. And, BMW received awards from the Cannes International Film Advertising Festival and the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. The series is also part of a permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art.

Wow, if I could get Madonna, Clive, and Ang, imagine the great film we could make to market the university.

What do you think? Are you willing to contribute to the cause? Send me your spare change, ‘cause I’m gonna need that boatload of cash.




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15 06 2011

In the age of memes and amatuer video, do traditional celebrities still carry the same clout in advertising campaigns? Would the use of someone like the Technoviking or the Star Wars kid create a different approach to advertising?

An internet sensation, a duo called Pomplamoose (and one of my favorites groups), was featured in a series of Hundai commercials last Christmas. Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding, who are “hand dancers” created a video that went viral. Months later, they were featured in a McDonald’s commercial. Perhaps viral videos and memes are just the new originals of new celebrities, and in fact, nothing has really changed.

15 06 2011

Hmm … perhaps you’re right. I know I was impressed when I saw those big names. Of course, it would depend on our target audience.

If we’re targeting adults, like us, I think those bigger names might carry some clout. However, if we’re targeting young people, as we tend to do much more frequently, they might not be very impressed with the likes of Clive Owens and Forrest Whittaker.

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