Cicada ice cream and packing light

23 06 2011

Do you read corporate blogs? I never did until I embarked on the I-think-I’ll-get-a-master’s-degree odyssey. There are many out there. Some are good. Some are, well, not so good.  

Douglas Karr and Chantelle Flannery provide a long list of the ones they think are best. Some of the companies you’d expect are on the list like Zappos (does Zappos ever do anything wrong?), Microsoft,  Amazon and Coca-Cola.

A recent Coke blog post begins: “My name is Stephanie Nestor, and I am the summer intern here at the Coca-Cola Archives.” How cute is that? Can’t you just picture Stephanie at her computer, working on the blog?

That personal touch is one of the things that makes Coke’s blog appealing, according to Jonathan Burg,who says an effective corporate blog should exude personality; it should speak like a person.

Another blog with personality is the one from Southwest Airlines, Nuts About Southwest.

One of the best aspects of this blog is that it’s written by several different employees, and each post features the writer’s name and photo. According to Burg, it’s also important to have a likeable and relevant face behind the blog. All of these folks seem pretty likable, don’t you think?

But, there are a few surprises on the best corporate blogs list.

Rubbermaid. Yes, that Rubbermaid.

Don’t laugh. This site offers lots of practical advice, such as how to pack a cooler when traveling and how to reorganize office files. Providing useful and valuable information on a blog, according to Mark Evans, is, well, invaluable.

The New York Times.

The bastion of journalism has its own blog, which supplements the national and international reporting of the paper.  

Turkey Hill ice cream.

The post on June 16 featured a family-owned ice cream shop that made cicada (you know, the bugs) ice cream. No kidding. That headline really caught my eye: “Would you eat it: Cicada ice cream.” A good headline, Evans said, is also important in capturing readers’ attention.

So, are there any corporate blogs you read? If so, tell me which ones and why. I really want to know.



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23 06 2011
Sandy Rhodes

I must admit, I have never been a real blog reader, but my interest has been piqued!

23 06 2011

As I mentioned in my post, I wasn’t either until I started the master’s program. There really aren’t enough hours in the day to read too many, but some of them do a very good job of engaging customers and providing good, useful information.

If you happen to run across one you especially like let me know.

23 06 2011

I must say that Blogs – for many – must occupy time from the ever elusive 30 hour day I’ve been asking Santa for for years. I’ve had a request to give it a try for a bit . . . so we shall see where we squeek in the time to be blogged for a bit. That prime rib post has me interested in returning – though. There is always time for good grilled cow!

23 06 2011

Regarding that blog you’re thinking about startin … my post tomorrow will deal with if/how the university should have one. Since one of the obvious target audiences would be prospective students and their parents, someone from admissions — such as youself — would be a logical blog contributor.

Think about it. We’ll talk.

23 06 2011
Jennifer Taylor

I do not read any corporate blogs, but if you were to start writing one I would be reading yours. You are very engaging, entertaining and likeable! Much like Stephanie!

23 06 2011

Funny that you should mention that. I have been thinking long and hard for quite some time about starting a university blog, but, well, I have some questions and concerns before starting one.

In fact, it’s the subject of tomorrow’s post. So stay tuned.

And, if you have any suggestions for that blog just let me know.

24 06 2011
Douglas Karr

Thanks so much for the mention and we’re so glad that we’re providing some unexpected insight. I’m amazed every day at the companies that are taking advantage of, and growing from their corporate blogging presence. One company is Flex Pac, a company that supplies their clients with janitorial supplies! The blog provides insight into their company, their processes, and all the other products and services they offer… and it works!

24 06 2011

I shared your list with my classmates, who found it very helpful as well.
We had one question, though. What criteria did you use when choosing these blogs? Design? Content? Level of engagement?

24 06 2011
Douglas Karr

Yes. 🙂 It’s subjective at best – there’s really not a science to it. It’s based on popularity, growth, mentions, etc.

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