Is Facebook engaging you?

28 06 2011

Since I’ve been on Facebook, I’ve “liked” several company pages. Some I “liked” because I was conducting research:

Some I “liked” for personal reasons:

Are you seeing a pattern here? Yes, in my limited spare time, I either cook or read.

For companies who want to connect with consumers, Facebook is fertile ground, particularly since people spend an average of seven hours a month on the social networking site, according to a recent study by the Nielsen Company.  And, Facebook now has nearly 700 million users.

My favorite marketing guys, Scott Stratten and David Meerman Scott say Facebook gives companies and organizations an opportunity to talk to and, more importantly, listen to people, develop a relationship with them, enhance customer service, build brand awareness and loyalty, and learn what people are saying about them and their competitors.

But, I have never felt particularly engaged on any of the pages I “like,” except for one.

However, most of the brands I mentioned have lots of “likes.” Red Bull has more than 21 million. The Food Network’s page has nearly 1.5 million. Hershey’s  has 2.2 million.

So, when it comes to engagement, are these brands doing it right? Or, am I doing something wrong? Engagement is a two-way street; perhaps I’m not holding up my end.

What do you think? What company Facebook pages do you “like” and why? Are these companies engaging you? Tell me. I really want to know.




2 responses

28 06 2011
Kimberly Weinberg

I follow a lot of pages. Some of my favorites, though, are the Celtics, Ray Allen (runs these fun contests), Shawn White (real posts from Shawn — not very often, usually a fun photo), Old Navy (was actually standing in Dick’s last year waiting for Preston to try on shorts when I saw Old Navy’s post that theirs were on sale and for how much. Guess where we bought them.)

28 06 2011

Wow, that’s pretty slick of Old Navy to pluck you right out of Dick’s. That’s some serious engagement.

I haven’t seen quite as much of that. Land’s End will post some nice discounts, which prompt me to go to the website, but I don’t see too much of that. Perhaps I’m not a fan of the right pages.

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