Have you plunged into Twitter?

1 07 2011

Several months ago, I decided to dip my toe into the Twitter pond. 

Well, considering that the microblogging site has nearly 200 million registered users who post 110 million tweets a day, it’s actually more like a lake instead of a pond.

When I first signed in, I wasn’t sure what to do next. Whom to follow? Whom did I care enough about to want to know what they were doing at any given moment? But, after doing some splashing around (remember, we’re in Twitter Lake), I started to follow some marketing folks who were posting valuable insights and articles:   

We’re considering creating an account for our university, which will give us another communications channel with which to share valuable information with our followers.  Sounds like a good idea, right?

Right now I’m not so sure. While adult use of Twitter has increased significantly in just six months — from 8 percent to 13 percent — according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, that still means there are only 13 percent of online adults using it. And teens (we can them prospective students) aren’t adopting Twitter as readily.

Since the numbers indicate that our two biggest audiences aren’t splashing wildly in Twitter Lake yet, we’re just keeping an eye on it, trying to gauge the best time for the university to take the plunge.

What about you? Have you dipped your toe into Twitter Lake? Whom do you follow? How’s it working out for you? Tell me. I really want to  know.



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1 07 2011

I’m personally not frolicking in the lake (and don’t plan to), but the Company is. We tweet our news, conference involvement, career fairs, etc. and it seems to be working. Hard to measure effectiveness 100%. But it doesn’t cost anything and we’d rather be there than not. Followed mostly by industry peers and pubs, and we follow the same. What do our university peers do?

1 07 2011

A little while back, I began following Gannon and Edinboro.Much of what I’ve seen from their tweets involve items that they’ve also posted on Facebook. I haven’t seen much engagement or conversation starters.

I agree with you about being there rather than not. Before we take the plunge, we’ll just have to establish some goals and objectives based on a potential audience and proceed in that fashion.

1 07 2011
Amanda Hurley

I have been Twittering and I enjoy it. I follow a variety of marketing tweeple, brands and locals. It connects me to individuals who are interested in the same things and it also acts as a newsfeed. I’ve found lots of articles that I otherwise would have missed.

On a sidenote, I also follow Scott Stratten. I saw him speak this past January at Canada E-Connect and read his book. I think he has a lot of good insight and great stories to share but I was disappointed in his keynote because it was a replica of what he Tweets and wrote in his book.

As for the other recommendations, I haven’t followed them but I will be sure to add them to my list!

1 07 2011

I was surprised to read what you wrote about Scott’s presenation. He seems so dynamic and creative that I just assumed that he would be that way in his presentations as well.

I really enjoyed his book, though. While I already knew engagement is key, it was nice to read such impassioned validation.

Do you follow any marketing/communications people whom you would recommend?

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