Top college videos and an escaping puppy

8 07 2011

One of my initial blog entries posed the question: Should universities be YouTubing? Young people are watching videos like nobody’s business, but the kinds of videos they’re watching usually don’t match with the videos universities are creating.

Enter my friend, James, who, as you may remember, occasionally sends me delightfully bizarre YouTube videos. Well, since he really is an academic at heart, he sent along a link on Wednesday from the Chronicle of Higher Education, which has compiled a list of the 10 most popular videos on YouTubeEDU for the 2010-11 academic year.

The Chronicle chose the videos based on their number of views. Topping the list with 473,289 views, was this one from the University of California at Berkeley where graduate Austin Whitney, who is paralyzed from the waist down, walked across the stage thanks to a mechanized exoskeleton the school’s engineers made from him.

Second on the list, at 351,890 views, was the commencement address Denzel Washington gave at the University of Pennsylvania.

An interesting side note: Denzel was in our town a couple of summers ago to film “Unstoppable.” Our president tried to reach out to the actor to invite him to speak at our commencement, but he was unavailable.

That list from the Chronicle makes me sigh because none of the videos on our university’s YouTube channel are on the publication’s list.  In fact, a few of our most-watched videos have only a fraction of the total views as those other videos. However, one of our most-watched videos, with 1,825 views, was created by our students to bring to life our tagline, beyond.”

But now, back to James. Just so you don’t think he’s a complete campus nerd, he also sent me this video on Wednesday, which shows what dogs do when we’re not home. (Consider it a little present for reading this far.) The other day, I caught Sophie, our Lab, in the kitchen, where we keep our Corgi puppy, Izzie, in her crate. I wonder if they are plotting the same thing.

Oh, I almost forgot. Are there any university videos you have watched and enjoyed? Tell me. I really want to know.



2 responses

12 07 2011

Great videos! I’m impressed that the second most popular one is 22 minutes long. That requires a much longer attention span than you typically get from a YouTube viewer!

12 07 2011

I was surprised by that as well. Of course, perhaps it was more compelling because it was Denzel Washington. 🙂

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